28 Februar 2010

27 Februar 2010

Dropping dead in 12 minutes

Selänne: "When a game is over after 12 minutes, I don’t know what to say. I'm stunned. This has never happened in my career on the national level. I don’t know what happened. It's something you don't want to experience. I have no words. It's just unbelievable."

Kipper: "The first goal did surprise me. From that one on it was a tough day."

"Everybody gets knocked down, how quick are you going to get up? "

"it's not how you start, it's how you finish"

Selänne: "I hope we're smiling tomorrow. There's bronze on the line. It's all about bouncing back and trying to take what's left. A bronze medal from this kind of tournament is huge. We have to remind ourselves it's not over yet."


26 Februar 2010

USA - FIN, quotes

nhl.com: Does it bother you that when people think of Finnish hockey, they think defensive posture and goaltender?

Kurri (smiling) -- Do they? Yeah. It bothers me because we don't think that way, no. We don't teach this team to play that way. It's a big part of our game, for sure. We don't have as much talent as other countries have, We really need to be a good team, with good team chemistry and play as a team together. Plus the good goaltending, which we have for many, many years.

But we don't tell players not to attack. We tell them, 'Attack. Go for it. Have the puck. Keep the puck.' For example, you play against the Russians, who have so much skill. The best way to stop them is you have the puck. Don't let those guys have the puck.

It's confusing that people would think that way. We don't think of our hockey that way.

The Finns will play a passive 1-2-2 forecheck, hoping the lead forechecker can force the American defenders into turnovers. In the offensive zone, the Finns will cycle and try to punish the American defenders. They will also activate their defense more than most teams the Americans have faced in this tournament.

Both Kimmo Timonen, a member of the all-tournament team in Turin, and Joni Pitkanen are world-class offensive defensemen.

"They are really active in the zone from what we have seen," American defensemen Erik Johnson said. "Timonen likes to go back door, and Pitkanen he likes to get on the offense, too. That will be a little more of a challenge because we have only played Canada that really likes to involve their D."

25 Februar 2010

Quotes on the Hagman goal against Czech

An International Ice Hockey Federation rule designed to protect players' heads cost the Czech Republic an Olympic quarterfinal game against Finland on Wednesday.

In fact, Kubina was cognizant that he was risking a penalty - and a two-man disadvantage - by playing sans helmet, although simply putting the helmet back on his head is also against the rules.

"It's a really stupid rule," Kubina said.

He wasn't alone.

"It was good for us that he lost his helmet, but it's a stupid rule," said Hagman, who scored the game-winner with less than seven minutes remaining. "I know they want to keep it safe. [But] you lose a helmet; you should let the guy play."

"We play in the NHL, so you don't remember [the IIHF rule] and the team is so focused and so into the game that it's almost impossible to remember that," said Finnish forward Teemu Selanne, who plays for the NHL's Anaheim Ducks. "On the safety issue, I think it's a good rule. Hockey-wise, it's a bad rule, especially in the NHL.

"That would be a target. Guys would do that on purpose. In front of the net, in those little battles there, you'd just knock the guy's helmet off," Selanne added. "It could be five-on-four, five-on-three, even five-on-two. So, I would stick with the NHL rule. That's a tough break for [Kubina], and for us NHL players, it's wrong that that happened."


Yippe Ya Yeah!



22 Februar 2010

Ovechkins new skates


"He's a colourful guy and he comes with some new stuff," Selanne said. "Again this year he has something new. I think it's awesome."


I think it's awful.

Empty net USA-CAN

Vancouver, Swe-Fin

"We'll have to go back and watch some videos to see what went wrong. Obviously, we weren't ready to play tonight," said Finland's Ville Peltonen.

Even with the loss, Finland finished fourth in overall standings, and receives a bye to the quarterfinals.

"We've played five games in eight days so any extra rest is huge," said Selanne.

Pitkänen's game misconduct also means that he will receive an automatic one-game suspension and will miss at least the quarterfinal game.

"It's a big loss, because he's a key part on the power play and on the breakouts, he's such a good skater," said Sami Salo.


19 Februar 2010

Bettman vs Fasel

In trying to explain the problems of Sochi, Fasel reflected and said: “The trouble is about two such different cultures. Gary is so American – and the Russians are so Russian.” To which Bettman offered: “And, you, René, are so Switzerland.”


17 Februar 2010


The vote is over:

1. Canada 20 votes
2. Finland 16 votes
3. Sweden 15 votes
4. Switzerland and Russia 10 votes
5. Germany 7 votes
6. USA 2 votes
7. Czech and Slovakia with 1 votes

thanks for participating. I could live with this.

always a pleasure http://www.iltasanomat.fi/videot/videotuomarit/1953233

now, let`s roll over Belarus!
get some!

15 Februar 2010

Some quotes

Jaromir Jagr
"Canada, Russia and Sweden all have the best teams when you look at the statistics and the last World Championship, they should be on the top. But don't forget that this is a tournament that is all about one game. You can be the favourite, but if you lose once you go home. That's why it's not easy to win it. You don't have to be the best, but you have to be very lucky. Everyone here has a chance.

I know if we played 10 games, we are not going to beat Canada even three times, but once? We can do it."


Brian Burke
"I cry less every day," Burke was saying Sunday, his voice cracking just for a moment. "It's been tough.
I was asked to do a job here and I'm going to do it. The fact that I've had a tragic event in my life shouldn't change that."


Sidney Crosby after blocking shot
"I will be there,"
Crosby said of Vancouver, where Canada was to practise Monday and open against Norway on Tuesday. "I'm on the flight tonight."