22 Dezember 2008

10 000

Thank you.

17 Dezember 2008

Jason Blake Shootout Move

Zitate der Woche, Barry Melrose

Ex- Tampa Bay Coach Barry Melrose macht seinem Ärger bei einem Radiosender Luft und äussert seine Wünsche für sein Ex-Team und seine Meinung zum Nr. 1 Draft Pick Steven Stamkos.

"I hope Tampa Bay doesn't win a game in the next year."

"Steven is not ready for the NHL. Steven is going to be a good player..right now he's just not strong enough physically to play against defencemen who are 6'3" or 6'4" that can skate as good as him."

der ganze TSN Bericht mit Interviews von Tampa Spielern über diese Geschichte:

16 Dezember 2008

Ten reasons why Sundin should sign with the Montreal Canadiens


Jaromir Jagr über Sean Avery (Interview)


"I do not think that the N.H.L. will expel him because of ethical standards, all those moralists. Rather, I believe that the club is unhappy with Avery’s play and here’s an opportunity to part with him.

But you have to know Sean. Yes, he’s a bad guy. But that’s his image. At heart he’s a vulnerable, sentimental man.

And Avery loves trouble, conflict — he likes to attract attention. He had such a life. For Sean it would be worthwhile to become a movie actor. He’d have a classy career in Hollywood. But he is a good hockey player. Believe me: speed, flair, he goes to the net — he’s got all that in him. In a lot of matches Avery was the best player on the «Rangers». If the club trusts him, he’ll always plays well.

I think Sean needs a strong coach, like a Mike Keenan. Like strong gloves to hold a porcupine. Then many scandals simply would not have arisen.

Generally, people with great presumption will never understand Avery and will always consider him a pariah. But I cannot take Sean seriously. I’ve never had problems with him."

(Jaromir Jagr)

11 Dezember 2008

Niklas Bäckström

"Backstrom just seems to win. His positioning is great, he's got a great glove hand and when you really assess him you see that he is just solid everywhere. He is quick, has great reflexes and great flexibility. No team is going to score weak goals on Backstrom. You're going to have to battle to get your goals." (Curtis Sanford, Vancouver Canucks)

Ulf Samuelsson knockt Wayne Gretzky's Frau aus.

09 Dezember 2008

When Avery Attacks

Interessanter Artikel von islanderspointblank.com über Avery und wie er versuchte, sich mit dem General Manager der NY Islanders zu prügeln.

"I’m standing right here, you ————-. Let’s go.”


PS: Mark Chipman, der Besitzer des AHL Farmteams der Dallas Stars, Manitoba Moose, hat es abgelehnt, Avery bei sich aufzunehmen:
"We wouldn't take him under any circumstance."

03 Dezember 2008

Don't go "Ouw"!

Lassen wir Sean Avery hinter uns. Oder wie Brad Richards gesagt hat: "I don't care what he says. It's none of my business what he says. He's got his own thing going on."

Schauen, hören wir uns lieber das hier an:

"Though guy in this league and you're going "ouw" because he bumps you?"

Sean Avery

Das Neuste aus Entenhausen.