24 Januar 2010

22 Januar 2010

The future of the olympics, Bettman vs Fasel & Ovechkin

"It's difficult for any business, any league, to shut down for two weeks with the attendant loss of attention and everything that flows from it and there are competitive issues,'' he added.

"Our teams send varying amounts of players to the Olympics, and so a team that sends eight or nine players may come back a little more tired and banged up than an NHL team that sends none or one or two.''

Bettman said a decision doesn't have to be made right away, and he expects heated debate with the players.

"I know the players are passionate about representing their countries - we have a long history as a sport in international competition and that's something that's important to the players. But we have to decide on balance, 'is it worth it?'' he asked.


"He's wrong," Fasel told Canwest on Tuesday. "He's completely wrong. If you want to bring hockey to new people and new sponsors, you have to use the huge stage of the Winter Olympics. For Torino, we had 14 billion TV viewers. When I see the numbers the NHL reaches on TV, you cannot compare.

"It's a great opportunity for the NHL brand. When David Stern decided to bring the NBA to Barcelona [for the 1992 Games] it was huge. Gary was thinking he can do the same thing and he had six, maybe seven very strong teams and a better tournament. Maybe that's what Gary doesn't like, when it's not North America that's winning it's not his product. But he's wrong. For me, he's wrong.
"The European market is very important for the NHL," Fasel said. "They have the best European players, but if we want to bring the kids to the sport and develop them, we have to use this European market.

"We're losing players everywhere in the world. We have to bring the young boys and girls to hockey. How can we make the best promotion for the game? It has to be the Olympics.

"We can do something together, for sure. We have to work together with the NHL. But they have to respect us as a partner. The way they're handling us now, taking all the players away, it almost killed the system."

Washington capitals sniper Alexander Ovechkin has said he'll play in the 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia, no matter what.

"It's what I want and what I'm going to do," Ovechkin said recently.

The league's leading goal scorer last year, Ovechkin called for a meeting of NHL players to talk about participating in 2014, and has not backed down on his comments.


14 Januar 2010

Finns Olympic

Selänne down. Broken jaw. That's so sad.

Discussion about Finnish team on nhl.com

article about Lehtinen olympics experience
"We're coming in as underdogs. I think all teams have a good chance and if you're able to get you're game going right away in a short tournament -- anything can happen."

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