30 Oktober 2009


The annual Karjala Tournament in Helsinki kicks of november 5.

The teams:

Czech Republic

the homepage: http://www.finhockey.fi/maajoukkueet/a-maajoukkue/kausi_2009-2010/karjala-turnaus_5-8_11_2009_hel/

The Finns have a really nice squad, including:
Former NHL players:
Ville Peltonen
Lasse Kukkonen
Ossi Väänänen
Janne Pesonen

and I also like:
Janne Niskala
Jarkko Immonen
Niko Kapanen
Antti Pihlström
Leo Komarov
Toni Salmelainen

But I have no clue if the goalies are competitive or not. If someone has a opionion about them, let me know.

(I'm missing: Janne Niiimaa...)

Headcoach: Jukka Jalonen

Players to mention from other teams:

Daniel Tjärnqvist
Dick Tärnström
Per-Johann Axelsson
Linus Omark
Matthias Weinhandl
Marcus Nilsson

Headcoach: Bengt-Åke Gustafsson

Alexaner Eremenko
Dmitri Kalinin
Vitaly Proschkin
Alexander Perezoghin
Sergei Zinoviev
Alexander Radulov
Viktor Kozlov

Headcoach: Vyacheslav Bykov

there's no team roster yet for Czech Republik.

28 Oktober 2009

Nutcase - Jarkko Ruutu

A few day ago I posted the Jarkko Ruutu Nutcase commercial.

Now I found out that there is a nutcase homepage built around Jarkko Ruutu (and finnish snowboarder Eero Ettala)


includes weightlifting game with Jarkko, wallpaper for pc and iPhone and other stuff.

there is also a making of of the Nutcase video

(i like the laugh after 5 min.)

get on with it

26 Oktober 2009

Don Cherry, Hockey Night in Canada- latest Hits

der Kozlov Hit gegen Gomez ist IMO der unschönste.

25 Oktober 2009

20 000 Visitors

Thank you!

Mike Richards destroys David Booth

next please

Tuomo Ruutu destroys Darcy Tucker


22 Oktober 2009

Martin Gerber vs Darsy Verot

at 7:25 you see Darsy Verot elbowing Gerber in the face. Gerber then attacks Verot as if stung by an adder.

Nice one Gerbs, way to go!

Willie Mitchell hit on Jonathan Toews

extra die HD Version für Jaro. Enjoy.

Hey There Iginla

That´s what I call love for the game. And Iginla. And Calgary.

20 Oktober 2009

Hockeyface - Linesman Pat Dapuzzo

"The collison gave linesman Pat Dapuzzo a bad facial laceration and broken jaw after Downie’s skate inadverently struck Dapuzzo in the face. CSN Philadelphia reports Dapuzzo needed approximately 60 stitches to close the cut."

Hockeyface - Chris Drury

17 Oktober 2009

Tuomo Ruutu cranks Kris Letang


Goal by 9 year old - don't believe the hype

A 9 year old scores a shootout goal with a decent move. Sure a cool goal for a kid. But he's not the first, 2 years ago another 9 year old kid did that allready:

14 Oktober 2009

Artem Anisimov

not brand new, but forgot to post it until now.

Lundqvist doesn't wear T-Shirts...

"And I never wear T-shirts. I don't want to wear something that's not me."

(Henrik Lundqvist)

Uh. Ok.


07 Oktober 2009